Pancake Day – Twice per year

Pancake Day – Fall 2017 – Was a Great Success. Thanks to all of the hard-working people who planned, worked and ate pancakes! Kiwanis Club members, High School Key Club members, Builders Club members, ABBA Care volunteers, Shenandoah Baseball players and the great people who donated to our cause of helping the children and families of our community.  Our largest fund-raising yet.    Thank you, Winchester!!

See the wonderful report done by Hagerstown’s WGN. Click here: 2017 Fall Pancake Day in words and video.


Pancake Day – Spring 2018

Date: Saturday April 7, 2018
Location: War Memorial Building in Jim Barnett Park
Time: 7am to 7pm
Ticket purchases through Kiwanis members, participating vendors, discount blocks. Pricing to be announced ASAP.
Look for businesses that display a Kiwanis Pancake Day sign. Specific locations will be noted as soon as identified. And/or be a Sponsor with an ad on our placemats. (Our regular day serves over 6,000 people.)

We accommodate Take-out orders. Orders of 10 or more can be called in advance. Phone number and atart date for requests to be anounced. To make it easy and faster, we have set up a separate room and line for Take-out orders.

The Story of Winchester Kiwanis Pancake Day
Pancake Day is a community event that was started in 1957 – over 50 years and more than 700,000 pancakes ago! Our current volume of attendees is just over 6000 happy and satisfied (stuffed) pancake and sausage lovers. Although the locations have changed over the years, the commitment to the community has not. Fifteen percent of the net proceeds of each event – Spring and Fall – are designated as major gifts to local organizations that serve children and their families based on our Kiwanis motto: “Improving our community, one child at a time”. The 2017 Fall major designation of $6,595 was presented to AbbaCare of Winchester in January 2018. The net proceeds of the $43,000+ this past fall will be distributed to local non-profit agencies throughout the year. This happens with each of our bi-annual Pancake Days.

The process for you is simple – buy a ticket and enjoy the following: Pancakes (with butter and syrup) and sausage accompanied by your choices of milk, apple juice, coffee or water. AND go back for seconds, if you want more! AND meet a lot of your friends and neighbors while you are there. Your contribution helps support our community’s children.

The process for the Club is a little more involved. After getting all the tables and all the equipment set up, our early shift starts on the sausage – prep and cooking at 2:30am! The doors open at 7:00am so we can go through the following items during the rest of the day:

1600 pounds of pancake mix
2900 pounds of sausage links
230 gallons of apple juice
130 gallons of milk
Over 6,000 cups of coffee
130 gallons of pancake syrup
We don’t count the number of butter packets!
And the late crew works until well in to the night to clean up, return the room to gym status and store away all the equipment.

The overall effort takes the combined efforts of the whole Kiwanis Family: Kiwanis Club members, our sponsored youth – HS Key Clubs, Middle School Builders Clubs, the AKtion Club, and always, willing family members and friends. And our thanks to the media, who help spread the word about Pancake Day and the contribution it makes to the community.

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