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Kiwanis Club of Winchester Newsletters

The Kiwanis Club of Winchester has published a monthly newsletter (for over ten years) that follows up on the prior month’s happenings, current events, upcoming events, member news and some commentary.  The files are all PDFs that can be read by the most popular PDF viewers.  The file name shows the number of pages in the Newsletter – i.e. “6p”.  (We will be adding prior years and filling in missing months.)  Click on the links below to view and/or download copies.  All material is copyrighted and may not be reproduced for commercial use without prior, written, permission from the Club.  (You may use our “Contact Us” page to inquire.)

NL 2021 Nov 9p

NL 2021 Oct 15p

NL 2021 Sep 14p

NL 2021 Aug 11p

NL 2021 Jul 10p

NL 2021 Jun 11p

NL 2021 May 9p

NL 2021 April 11p

NL 2021 March 10p

NL 2021 February 9p

NL 2021 January 14p

NL 2020 December 9p

NL 2020 November 9p

NL 2020 October 10p

NL 2020 September 8p

NL 2020 August 13p

NL 2020 July 12p

NL 2020 June 10p

NL 2020 May 6p

NL 2020 April 6

NL 2020 March 8p

NL 2020 February 8p

NL 2020 January 8p


NL 2019 December 14p

NL 2019 November 8p

NL 2019 October 10p

NL 2019 Sep 12p

NL 2019 Aug 10p

NL 2019 July 12p

NL 2019 June 8p

NL 2019 May 6p

NL 2019 February 11p

NL 2019 January 12p


NL 2018 December 9p

NL 2018 November 7p

NL 2018 October 10p

NL 2018 September 8p

NL 2018 August 6p

NL 2018 July 6p

NL 2018 June 9p

NL 2018 March 6p



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