Applying for General Funding

Funding Our Work

Since its founding in 1922, the Kiwanis Club of Winchester has been a leader in raising the funds needed to improve the lives of young people in our community and to fund the activities of other local agencies that work with children and youth. It’s safe to say that our Club has raised and distributed well more than $1 million to assist such work.

Each year, the Club conducts two Community Pancake Day fundraisers PCD Twice per Year to fund our Community Service Fund. Nearly all of these funds go back into our community in the form of Club-sponsored service activities or financial assistance to other respected organizations that meet the needs of local youth and others. In most years, upwards of 55 such agencies (Link # 2) receive Kiwanis Club of Winchester grant assistance.

How to Apply for Grant Assistance

Service agencies in the Winchester and Frederick County area should write a letter to our Club seeking a specific amount of help and describing precisely how the funds will be used to help others. The letter should be mailed to the Kiwanis Club of Winchester, P.O. Box 2591, Winchester, VA 22601, Attention Grant Assistance

Requests are considered by one of three Club committees:

  • Young Children Priority One – considers grant requests from agencies that serve children under five years of age.
  • Youth Services – considers requests from agencies serving youth, ages 5-18.
  • Citizenship Services – considers requests from other legitimate agencies that serve local human need.

Committee recommendations are provided to the Club Board of Directors which makes the final funding decision. Club practice requires member approval by majority vote for all grants that exceed $500.

Other Forms of Assistance

There are two other ways the Club provides help to deserving agencies and youth:

  • Major Beneficiary Program, conducted in concert with our Community Pancake Day fundraisers–provides significant financial assistance to two youth-serving agencies each year.
  • Club members giving time to various organizations that service children and events such as Blood Drives in conjunction with the American Red Cross, Day of Caring projects for United Way of NSV and others.

Requests for these types of assistance can be done using our Contact Form. A Committee member will respond to you.

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