Applying for General Funding

Our Starting Point

Since our first year in 1922 the Kiwanis Club of Winchester has worked tirelessly to uphold the Kiwanis International mission: Improving the world one community and one child at a time. We do this in part by supporting the efforts of local organizations with a heart of service to others. We are proud to say we have distributed more than $1 million to those worthy causes.

The bulk of our funds come from two Pancake Day events held each year. PCD Twice per Year  The money raised goes back into the community in the form of club-sponsored activities or financial gifts to organizations and projects that are aligned with our philosophy.

How to Apply for Grant Assistance

There are no forms or questionnaires to complete when approaching the club for funds. An open-form letter with some details about your operation and its history if there is any, and a way to show that your efforts do in fact go toward your stated intent is all we need to get started. Your request can be sent by mail to:

Kiwanis Club of Winchester

PO Box 2591

Winchester, VA 22604

or by email to our secretary at: 

Your request will initially be considered by one of three club committees:

Young Children – considers grant requests from groups that serve children under the age of five.

Youth Services – considers requests that go toward services for children ages 5-18.

Citizenship Services – considers requests that serve our community at large.

In the description of your request please mention which of these committees you think would best match your intended goal. Give us a close estimate of your financial need and include some contact information so we can communicate back to fill in any gaps.

When the committee has considered your request and has all the information they feel is necessary they will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors or to the club membership for a decision.

Other Forms of Assistance

There are two other ways the Club provides help to deserving agencies and youth:

  • Major Beneficiary Program, conducted in concert with our Community Pancake Day fundraisers–provides significant financial assistance to two youth-serving agencies each year.
  • Club members giving time to various organizations that service children and events such as Blood Drives in conjunction with the American Red Cross, Day of Caring projects for United Way of NSV and others.

Requests for these types of assistance can be done using our Contact Form. A Committee member will respond to you.

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