The Major Beneficiary Program

Kiwanis Beneficiary Program
The Kiwanis Club of Winchester has initiated a program connected to our twice yearly Pancake Day fundraising events called the Major Beneficiary (MB) Program. In an effort to fund non-profit organizations in our community in a meaningful way, we have created the MB program to allow one organization per Pancake Day to receive a significant portion of the net proceeds. The specifics of the program are as follows:

How The Beneficiary Will Be Chosen:

a) The Board of Directors will review the applications to ascertain the appropriateness of the candidates.

b) Prior to a general membership vote, at a weekly luncheon meeting, each nominee will be given the opportunity to present an overview of their organization’s mission and their contribution to the community.

c) The general membership will cast the deciding vote for each MB.


The Requirements of the Beneficiary: 

  • Submit a written application to one of the following: Kiwanis Club of Winchester PO Box 2591 Winchester, VA 22604, Attention: Major Beneficiary or email “”.  The Kiwanis Pancake Day occurs on the first Saturday in November and the first Saturday in April.
  • The Major Beneficiary will be selected in August for the fall and spring Pancake Day. Completed applications must be received by July 10 to be considered for the August vote. The Application should include the following:
    1. Your organization’s level of interest in becoming the beneficiary. Note that we will be choosing a major benefactory for both the fall and spring event.
    2. How this donation will impact your agency, your constituents, and the community at large
    3. Provide a brief description of your organization that will be shared with the Club members to enable an informed vote.
  • Your organization’s commitment to sell at least 200 Pancake Day tickets.
  • The commitment to provide personnel to work at least 50 collective hours to assist with the set-up of the dining room the day before and serving our guests on Pancake Day.
  • How your organization intends to promote Pancake Day.
  • Your organization’s willingness to accompany a Kiwanis member to advertising events such as radio, newspaper interviews, etc.
  • The Major Beneficiary will commit a member or members to attend the PCD planning sessions which held weekly on Tuesday mornings from 7:30 -8:30 am at Perkins Restaurant beginning eight weeks prior to PCD.  You will be notified of the first and subsequent meetings.


Money the Beneficiary Can Expect to Receive: 

  •  15% of the net proceeds from the event will be contributed to the MB. Recent Pancake Days have generated up to $45,000 in net proceeds, which translates to over $6,000 to be contributed to the MB. It ususlly takes two full months after the date of the event to gather all of the financial data to accurately account for all revenue and expenses. The Major Beneficiary will receive the funds within 90 days after its assigned Pancake Day.

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