Builders Clubs

builders-clubThe Kiwanis Club of Winchester is proud to sponsor three local Builders Clubs: Frederick County Middle School; James Wood Middle School; and Daniel Morgan Middle School.

These three clubs sponsor a number of community service projects of their own selection and are very helpful to the Kiwanis Club of Winchester as participants in its semi-annual Pancake Day and other events.

Last year, more than 45,000 middle and junior high school students in 18 nations were involved in this Kiwanis-family program. Through their projects, that ranged from fundraising for HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa to recycling drives to cleaning up parks, they developed leadership skills while working with friends to help others in need.

As students maneuver this “in-between-stage” of life, Builders Club empowers them to be themselves, work together with peers and implement plans through action. As an extension of Kiwanis International, Builders Club shares the mission of building leaders to help children around the world. Through Builders Club, students become leaders at school, in their community and in the world.

For more information about the Builders Clubs, special projects that they’re undertaking, or other FAQs, click here:

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