Member Handbook/Policies

Kiwanis Club of Winchester – 2017 Member Handbook 4-1-17
The 2017 Member Handbook was created as a source of information for members of the Kiwanis Club of Winchester who seek to know more about Kiwanis, our club, its history, policies and procedures, its funding sources and service activities, and who wish to actively volunteer in serving others in our community. As noted therein, it is not all-inclusive and will be updated as deemed necessary to better provide information to our members.

Kiwanis Club of Winchester Official By-Laws
The By-laws for the Club were updated and approved on October 30, 2014.  They conform to the updated version approved by Kiwanis International in October 2012.

Kiwanis Club of Winchester – Attendence Policy
The Attendance Policy was developed by the Membership Growth and Retention Committee to establish guidelines regarding attendance expectations for the members of the Club.

Kiwanis Club of Winchester –Youth Protection Policy
The Club has adpoted the Kiwanis International policy on protecting the youth of our community with whom we come into contact.

Kiwanis Club of Winchester –Youth Photo Policy
The Public Relations Committee has put forth this policy to aid in the protection of the Club, members, and anyone else who we may take photos of and wish to publish those photos on our website and/or our FaceBook page. The issues involve privacy and copyrights.

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